Remembering 9-11-2001

11 09 2012

9-11 Dark Day at the Pentagon

September 11, 2001–a tragic day in our country’s history. Like many quilters, I was moved to make a quilt commemorating the lives lost and the damage incurred by the terrorist attacks on New York’s World Trade Center and Washington D.C.’s Pentagon.

“9-11 Dark Day at the Pentagon” is composed of 50 scrappy Log Cabin style blocks each with a black pentagon in the center. Forty-nine blocks are on the front of the quilt; one is on the back. Fifty blocks for fifty states.

After assembling the quilt top, I made four jagged cuts to represent the four airplanes which ripped through our country’s security. I inserted orange and yellow fabric in the cut sections to say “yes, our country was ripped apart by this event, but we will mend, we will heal, we will come back strong.” The purple color stands for God’s sovereignty; He is above all, over all, and knows all. He allowed it to happen; He did not cause it. I trust Him even in the midst of tragedy. The red border represents the firefighters who bravely rescued lives while sacrificing their own. The blue color honors other first responders. The border, Millennium fabric, shows skylines of four American cities.

Each block is quilted with a spiral, a chain of loops is quilted in the sashing, and the border boasts white stars in the sky and meandering in the buildings. I sewed a wide zigzag through all layers of the quilt on both sides of the jagged cuts.

Today I remember those who lost their lives eleven years ago and pray for their families who still mourn their passing.

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