Sailing Along

14 09 2012

Vintage Sailboats

Friend and customer, John S., was recently given 19 Sailboat blocks by his mother. The blocks were made by his grandmother who, years ago, intended to complete them as a baby quilt for John. Grandma used scraps from dressmaking fabrics to construct the boats; the background is muslin. John suggested I make a Compass Rose for the 20th block. Fortunately, I had some vintage fabric and aged muslin for the final block. Navy sashing, red cornerstones of anchor fabric (from Tashera), and multi-colored striped border fabric complete the quilt. Sailboats and anchors are quilted in medium blue thread over the surface of the quilt. John plans to give the quilt to his son.

For historical documentation purposes, John’s suggestion of adding a Compass block instead of another Sailboat was a great idea. Future owners of the quilt need not question which blocks were made by Grandma and which was made by me. In finishing this quilt, I made a tough judgment call of trimming all the blocks to the size of the smallest block (11″) thereby lopping off some triangle sail tips. John and I agree – it’s worthwhile to transform Grandma’s Sailboat blocks into a useable quilt, one packed with sentimental value.




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