Odd Fellows Quilt

28 09 2012

My husband and I spent a delightful, relaxing weekend with friends in Moravian Falls, N.C.

Aby and Ran at Moravian Falls

We feasted our eyes on the Brushy Mountain skyline and our tummies on vinegar based bar-be-que and apples. The Boone, N.C. area is “apple country.”

Apples for Sale

Our friends introduced us to family members, to include Grandma Emma who had several antique quilts to show me. She called this triangle charm quilt “The Odd Fellows Quilt.” That’s a good name, don’t you think? “But,” she said, “I think there are one or two fabrics that are repeated.”

Odd Fellows Charm quilt

Some of the fabrics are shredding which allowed me to inspect the filling or batting. I discovered that the “batting” is a bed sheet which makes for a light, summer blanket. Grandma Emma regretted tying rather than hand quilting it, but I think hand quilting through a sheet might have proven tedius. What fun to see the eclectic collection of fabrics from turn of the century mourning black prints and shirtings, to 30’s feed sacks, to home dec, and dressmaking scraps!




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