More Quilts from Grandma Emma

29 09 2012

I enjoyed photographing Grandma Emma and her quilts on the screened-in back porch. This was her baby quilt!

Grandma Emma’s “Mosaic” Baby Quilt

According to Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, this design is one of the many termed “Mosaic.” The soft yellow sashing helps the colors in the other fabrics glow. What a sweet, scrappy baby quilt!

This variation of “New Album” was a planned scrappy quilt. (I wonder if quilters 50 to 80 years ago used the term “planned scrappy.”) It is obvious that the quilt maker bought the yellow fabric for the alternate squares and setting triangles. Look closely to see that many different navy prints were used.

“New Album” Quilt

This was the oldest family quilt Grandma Emma showed me: royal blue and white “Nine Patches” set on point with pink alternate squares. It was quilted closely in straight channel lines to keep the unbonded cotton batting from shifting and clumping during washing. Stained, threadbare, and falling apart in places, it is nevertheless a treasure. The simplicity of design appeals to me; there’s something fresh about it despite its age.

Antique “Nine Patch” quilt

I was fascinated by this Six Point Star quilt with orange print background. The Stars were constructed from blue shirtings and red shirtings, as well as the familiar light shirtings.

Six Point Stars

Thank you, Grandma Emma, for showing me your family quilt treasures! I have been thinking about making a blue and white “Nine Patch” quilt for several years. Viewing your antique quilt was the inspirational nudge I needed.




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