A New Quilting Friend

5 10 2012

In addition to providing weekly Bible studies on Ft. Bragg, Protestant Women of the Chapel is sponsoring interest groups this fall. Guess which interest group meets at my house? No, it is not the “Couch to 5K” running group! Quilting, of course! One of the participants is Bethany Pease Sheets, author/artist of Modern Quilting Designs.

Bethany with her first book

Bethany’s Signature Vine

Would you like to take a peek inside her book? It’s a sketchbook of freehand quiliting designs from simple loops, swirls, and wavy lines to complex feathers, spikey curls, and funky flowers and leaves. “Be fearless with your free-motion quilting! This unique sketchbook is filled with modern designs inspired by the world around us. Pebbles, waves, vines, and finials are just a few of the things you’ll find in Bethany’s hip and doodly quilting designs. You’ll also learn how to spot interesting patterns everywhere you look to translate into your quilting.”

You may find Bethany’s contact information here if you would like to order the book from her.




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