Friendship Signature Quilt Finish

12 10 2012

At home I’m a speedy sew-er, chain piecing with my Pfaff or longarming with the Millennium. I rarely relax on the couch with a quilt binding project in my lap. However, binding by hand is a perfect car trip project. Hubby, the driver, doesn’t mind if my eyes are on a quilt rather than on the roadside scenery; he can thus avoid comments or suggestions on his driving! On a recent car trip I hand stitched the binding of my Friendship Signature quilt. The blocks were gifts from my Stuttgart quilting friends. (See 18 August post.)

“Picnic” Signature Quilt

Several leftover signature blocks combined with some “Ups and Downs” blocks enlarged the quilt backing.

“Art Back” of Signature Quilt

Carol Watkins, owner of Loving Stitches quilt shop, recently affirmed that a pieced quilt back is considered an “art back” and adds value to the quilt. It is gratifying to think that my lack of fabric becomes an opportunity for creatively enhancing the value of my quilt!

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8 responses

12 10 2012

This Signature quilt is so lovely. You did a great job setting it with all the different colors and fabrics. I love your back, it is wonderful.

12 10 2012
Trinity Sanders

I liked using the leftover pieces on the back of my quilt because I didn’t want any of the pieces I worked so hard to make to go to waste.

12 10 2012

You’ve only been gone a few monthes and it feels like years!! I miss going to your house and visiting with you. Aby…you are the fastest quilter I know. Please share some of your spare time with me!! It is just not my season of life to quilt/sew/craft/do things that I want to do, at this time of my life right now. The demands of motherhood overrule. Take care! Love, R.

12 10 2012

Eine wirklich gelungene, schöne Erinnerung an die Stuttgarter Quälerinnen.
Und die Rückseite ist besonders schön!

16 10 2012

Danke, Helga!

12 10 2012

Aby dear, we all love it and are glad we are a part of it. But we do wish you were here with us instead of your having the blocks we made in the quilt.

13 10 2012

LOL, I saw this post on my feed reader, but didn’t realize they were the Stuttgart blocks! Very nice.

13 10 2012

Hi Aby, glad I found your blog. Quilting like crazy and loving every minute of it. Hugs. Liz

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