Leftover Puppies

25 10 2012

After making the “Monkey Shines” quilt, a few scraps remained on my cutting table. The puppy dog squares whined and begged not to be sent to the scrap box. Hmmm, how could I stretch so few scraps to make another baby quilt? Fortunately, I had an extra fat quarter of yellow and about a half yard of white fabric. I stitched some “Puss in the Corner” blocks, constructed a few stars and surrounded colorful leftover squares with white.Leftover Puppies

The quilt was constucted in three vertical panels, measuring and judicious trimming helped achieve the same length for all three panels. It is a one of a kind, improvisationally pieced quilt; I won’t be writing instructions for it!Three panels for leftover puppy dogs quilt

The yellow print border is leftover backing fabric from the “Monkey Shines” quilt. Using up the leftover puppy fabric was a fun challenge; I used the scraps right away rather than relegating them to my container for scrappy squares. I shouldn’t have worried about not having enough fabric for a sizeable quilt; the quilt was large enough to warrant a pieced panel of “Ups and Downs” blocks on the back.back of leftover puppy dogs

I tried a new edge to edge quilting design in Bethany Pease’s book Modern Quilting Designs. White thread was used to blend with the background fabric. Click on the photo below to enlarge the picture and view the quilting detail.




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