Four Patch Baby Quilt

12 11 2012

My nephew and his wife are expecting a baby girl in December. As you would imagine, my gift for the new little one will be a quilt.

I purchased the darling pink and white rabbit print from Hillco Fabrics in Stuttgart over a year ago. Manufacturer’s information is 654 Spring Parade Bunnies c. makower uk 100% cotton. The “problem” was deciding what color would best complement the pink and white. Until I solved the problem, the 2 meters of fabric languished in my stash.

How about mint green? Yes, that looks fresh and pretty!

The pattern is simple and a link for it can be found on the “Patterns” page of this blog. I recolored the quilt, substituting the pink rabbit print for the “light print” called for in the instructions. By eliminating the 3rd border,  I didn’t need to piece the backing.

Using pink variegated thread, I meandered loops all over the quilt. Most of the loops are in sets of 3 to represent rabbits hopping about. Another configuration of 3 loops represents rabbits’ paws or the clover leaves they are so fond of munching. I included one four leaf clover for the bunnies to discover!




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