“Harriet’s Baskets”

4 01 2013

Winter Break — the perfect time for finishing some UFOs (UnFinished Objects)!DSCN3766

In 2011 my friends, Lori and Linda, organized a swap of 5″ mini basket blocks. The swap participants were inspired by the pattern “Harriet’s Baskets” a Civil War Inspired Quilt published by Bonnie Blue Quilts. Incidentally, Bonnie Blue Quilts has changed their name to Red Crinoline Quilts. Check out their website here.DSCN3767

The quilt is a tribute to Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin which depicted the harsh lives of slaves. “We could envision Harriet Beecher Stowe shopping in the marketplace with basket in hand, her pen and paper tucked neatly inside so she could stop while heading home to sit under a tree and jot a few lines.”DSCN3768

In keeping with the antique flavor of this quilt, Lori and Linda instructed us to use Civil War reproduction fabrics for the baskets, shirtings for the backgrounds, and a brown print they provided for the hand appliqued basket handles.

I chose to join four baskets into 10″ blocks and set them as the Bonnie Blue Quilts pattern directed. But I mis-cut the green fabric for setting triangles. So my quilt is a generous lap size instead of twin size. I have four 10″ basket blocks left over, perfect for making a coordinating wall quilt . . . with a different olive green fabric.

The quilting design is “Lorien’s Splendor,” a new pantograph in my collection. Lorien Quilting is based in Australia, and Quilts Complete is a distributor of their pantographs in the States. Olive green thread blended nicely with all the fabric colors.DSCN3772




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