Scrappy Squares

7 01 2013

Spring 2012 found the Black Forest Quilters in Stuttgart, Germany exchanging 2 1/2″ squares. Lisa and Karen organized the swap and instructed the participants to machine baste 20 different 2 1/2″ squares on a strip of paper. “You may exchange as many sets of 20 squares as you like. There will be a prize for the quilter who brings the most squares to exchange.” If memory serves me correctly, Herma brought over 3000 squares. Not me! I think I exchanged about 400.DSCN3792

I clipped the basting thread and organized the squares by color, fitting them into my 2 1/2″ square storage containers.DSCN3800

How could I use all those squares? I racked my brain for a simple square-ish design.

This past fall I facilitated a 12 week Bible study class on Ephesians and Philippians. Each week, I asked the ladies to select a square of fabric that helped them answer an ice breaker question. Question examples: Which fabric square reminds you of home? What is your favorite holiday? Where would you like to go on vacation? By answering the questions at each class, we got to know one another and developed friendships. Each week I sewed the squares we talked about into a patchwork block.DSCN3796

The 12 “class” blocks are in the center of the quilt. To increase the size of the quilt, I made extras to surround the class blocks. On the last day of class, we drew a name of all those in attendance. Sam Suk won! She recently moved to the States from South Korea. Receiving a quilt from a group of like-minded new friends is the warmest welcome I can think of!DSCN3782

Quiltmaker’s note: This quilt photographs well, but looks rather busy “in person.” I should have made the sashing 1/2″ wider so each block has some “elbow room.”




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