Texas Lone Star Quilt

16 01 2013

“Texas Lone Star”–My latest commission for finishing a vintage quilt top. Customer John, (see Sept. 14 and Oct. 29, 2012 posts) believes this quilt to be his grandmother’s final project.DSCN3843

That the quilt was bordered on only two sides was the first problem to resolve. All of the solid fabrics are cotton broadcloth which is sold at fabric chain stores like JoAnns and Hancocks, but the hues of the colors now offered are different than in circa 1975 when this quilt was pieced.Lone Star, unfinished

Rather than remove the borders, I decided to trim off two-thirds of the width on them and use the fabric to construct the two remaining borders. I wanted the star to float on a background of purple.

John requested that the quilt finish at queen size, so I selected three solid colors for borders: red, yellow and purple. The shade of the new purple fabric in the outer border is slightly darker, but it is not objectionable since it doesn’t abut the vintage purple fabric pieces.

Such a striking quilt deserves custom quilting. I settled on continuous curve quilting in the diamonds and feathered wreaths in the setting squares and triangles. A curling vine for the red border complements the leaves and curls in the yellow border. Feathers finishes off the outer purple border. I used purple thread which adds texture to the purple areas and mimics blender-gray in the other colors of the quilt.DSCN3848The accuracy test of piecing a Texas Lone Star quilt is that it lies flat when all eight arms of the star are sewn together.  As you can tell from the picture of the unfinished quilt top, there was some fullness. To overcome this issue, I selected a high loft polyester batting. The continuous curves in the diamonds and the feathered wreaths minimized fullness in the completed quilt.

John’s grandmother would be rightfully proud of her beautiful quilt! It just glows from the center outward.




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