Workshop with Pepper Cory

27 01 2013

Pepper Cory comes to Fayetteville!DSCN3919

The Tarheel Quilt Guild invited Pepper to give a Saturday workshop on “Road to Oklahoma.” Americans refer to this style of quilt as a medallian design while British quiltmakers call it a frame quilt. You can see that the 4 central patchwork blocks are framed with a spacer and then framed with successive pieced or unpieced borders.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to begin a wedding quilt for my daughter-in-law’s sister. The bride’s favorite color is blue; the groom’s fav is green. I found some florals in my stash which include both colors, and I opted for a white background.Aby,quilt block

Instead of making 4 blocks for the center, I made 16 blocks,  12″ finished: eight with blue pathways and eight with green pathways.

Pepper taught us that contrast makes scrappy quilts successful. There are at least 6 ways to contrast fabrics . . . let’s see if I remember what we discussed . . . I should have taken notes. Of course, fabrics can contrast in color: blue and red. They can contrast in value: dark, medium, and light. You can vary the texture: florals with plaids or stripes. You can mix styles: Victorian with modern geometrics.  You can vary the shading: dull with brights. You can vary the scale: large scale prints with small scale prints and solids or tonals.DSCN3923Notice the contrasting fabrics in Pepper’s blue, green, and purple quilt. Pepper “gave us permission” to use Victorian florals with modern circles and retro prints! We can be a little daring and not so matchy-matchy.

At Pepper’s suggestion, I included gray triangles in the center of my quilt. She vowed it would lend importance to the center focal point of the quilt. I was hesitant, but I am glad I followed her advice. Gray is not a color I would normally use in a “springtime” quilt, but the shading does wonders for the design!Aby, quilt layoutAt this point, my 16 blocks are sewn together, but now this project must simmer on the back burner while I complete several other quilts with earlier deadlines. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this quilt!

Thanks, Mary Ann, for several of the pictures in this blog post!




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