Need Input

4 02 2013

My January 27 blog post showed “Road to Oklahoma” blocks inspired by a workshop with Pepper Cory. Several of you commented that you would like to see the quilt top as I progressively work on it.DSCN3978 I attached a 2″ border of pale blue/yellow/white stripe followed by a 2″ border of green print. In making the center of the quilt, I overestimated the number of floral print/white Half Square Triangles (HSTs) I would need. I decided to use them in a pieced border; I made blue/white HSTs to alternate with the floral print/white HSTs. Next came a 3″ white border–I plan some decorative quilting in this border. At this point, the quilt measures 70″ square.

I could cheerfully add a 2″ wide blue border followed by a 5″ floral border and call it quits.DSCN3973

The quilt would then measure about 84″ square which is not quite queen size. I could add another border between the 3″ white border and the 2″ blue border to increase the size. What about a Four Patch border of some floral prints?DSCN3982

What is your input on this design dilemma?




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