More Mini Baskets

6 02 2013

My post for January 4, 2013 detailed the making of my version of “Harriet’s Baskets” by Red Crinoline Quilts. Because I miscut the green fabric for the setting triangles, my quilt was smaller and consequently I had four 10″ Postage Stamp Basket blocks left over. I used my trusty seam ripper to un-sew the blocks. What can be made with 16  5″ Mini Basket blocks?

Gaining inspiration from Judy B’s and Tina R’s settings of Dear Jane style quilt blocks, I decided to set the Baskets on point and make Irish Chain blocks as alternate squares.DSCN3937 Using a cream tone-on-tone and an olive green tiny print should help the viewer focus on the basket blocks.

The question of the hour . . . is there enough of this olive green for setting triangles? Mini Basket wall quiltNo, there is not! How about the purple print? Yes! After assembling the diagonal rows of the quilt with the purple triangles on each end, I added a 3″ border of the purple print.

Because the quilt top, backing and clamshell pantograph are all directional, I loaded the quilt into the machine upside down. I will stand at the back of the machine to quilt the pantograph design, and everything will then be right side up.DSCN3932

Viola! A sweet wall quilt to accompany my twin size “Harriet’s Baskets” quilt.DSCN3943




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