Thanks for the Input!

11 02 2013

Here it is, Monday again, and I am posting about the Road to Oklahoma work in progress. (Refer to my posts for 27 Jan. and 4 Feb. 2013.)

DSCN3978 Thanks for your comments about borders to enlarge the quilt. . . I received the overwhelming impression that more green was needed and that Four Patches might be a good idea for the next border.

I cut nine  2 1/2″ strips of green print and nine of a tiny floral print. These were strip pieced to make Four Patches.DSCN3993

Piles and piles of Four Patches.DSCN3998

Four pieced borders were made from Four Patches stitched together. Once the borders were assembled, I discovered that the quilt was 3/4″ longer (and wider) than the pieced borders. No problem, I trimmed away of 3/8″ of the white border all around the quilt. The Four Patch or Checkerboard border now fits nicely.DSCN4002The next step is adding a 2″ blue border and a 4″ or 5″ floral outer border.

Due to your input and encouragement, my Road to Oklahoma is progressing admirably!




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