Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2013

27 02 2013

DSCN4036This past weekend I attended the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival with some long-time quilting friends. For the past several years, the show’s venue has been the Hampton Colesium during the last weekend in February. There are always special exhibits of wearables, the Hoffman Challenge, local guild challenges, handmade dolls, and traveling exhibits as well as the quilts entered for competition. And there are plenty of vendors!

The quilts displayed this year did not disappoint! The winning quilts were absolutly awesome – most were heavily quilted, giving new meaning to the term “micro-stippling.” (I do not share photographs of the winning quilts due to copyright issues; they will likely be featured in magazines in the upcoming months.) It was fun to meet and congratulate the “best of show” quilter, Cathy Wiggins, and to hear her enthusiastically describe the process of making her “Carousel Stampede” quilt.

Besides displaying unbelievably complex quilts that I can never hope to emulate, the show offered an antique quilt top which served to inspire a local quiltmaker. What a great way to utilize scraps; I could make a quilt like this!DSCN4039


Besides antique quilts, modern works were displayed. “Plumber’s Nightmare” by Clyde Savage is a prime example.DSCN4048

I was intrigued by this scrappy quilt made by a group of quilting friends. Perhaps I can figure out how to assemble the squares and rectangles in its interwoven pattern.DSCN4042The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival was inspiring especially because it occasioned the opportunity to spend time with good quilting friends.




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