Antique Braided Quilt

17 03 2013

While scanning through the photos I snapped at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, I came across a lovely antique quilt in a “Braid” pattern.DSCN4051It was displayed in Cindy’s Antique Quilts booth. You can read about and view more of Cindy’s collection here.

The quilt is soft and faded with age. It looks so comforting and comfortable, doesn’t it? I would like to make a Braid quilt one day, so I am analyzing the color/fabric placement in this quilt. What makes it successful, pleasing to the eyes? It seems the quiltmaker used lots of browns and tans and separated her scraps into “dark” and “light” values. Almost all the “darks” are sewn on the left sides of the braids. And the “lights” plus ORANGE are on the right. That orange is unexpected fun!

The quilting design is uncomplicated, parallel lines in each of the strips. Gotta try this one day; I am sure I have enough browns and tans to get started.




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