“Balance” – a Modern Quilt

18 04 2013


“Balance” is the result of a two-fold challenge: make a modern quilt and use samples of men’s shirt fabrics. The challenge was issued by the Modern Quilt Guild of Stuttgart. You can visit the MQGS blog here. I am such a traditional quilt maker, it is hard to think outside of the box. It’s hard to imagine making a quilt without even-sized, traditional blocks: Stars, Flying Geese, Shoo-fly, Monkey Wrench, Dresden Plate, etc. But I’m trying to keep current, and experiment with simple, geometric shapes and lots of negative space.

I constructed this quilt in horizontal rows, sewing a 2″ strip between each rectangle of shirting fabric. I varied the sizes of the rectangles and tried to balance the color placement throughout the quilt. The blue strips sewn between the horizontal rows range from 1 1/2″ to 3″ in width.


As you can see in the photo above, I didn’t square up the quilt prior to quilting, but I am not sure it was an easier task later. I had to measure and trim several times.

I tried a new quilting motif -freehand concentric squares and rectangles in all the navy blue background areas (i.e. negative space). This was a lot of fun and easier than I thought it would be.DSCN4424

I quilted various fillers, one per horizontal row, in the shirting fabric with white thread. And I re-purposed a plaid shirt for the bias binding.


A visit with the in-laws over the weekend provided wonderful backdrops for photographing the quilt. And I discovered that modern quilts keep you just as warm as traditional quilts!DSCN4449




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