“Trip Around the World”

23 04 2013

Once a month I host a Quilting Circle in my home. Some of the ladies have made quilts at past duty stations, some are beginners. Our fall project was beginner-friendly “Chinese Coins” using Bali Pops (Batik “jelly rolls”). Penni, Stephanie and Connie have completed their quilts.

For our spring project, I invited Stacy to teach “Trip Around the World.” She loves making this design by sewing 40″ strips into a tube, cross-cutting, and un-sewing. We constructed the quilt one quadrant at a time.


I dug into my container of homespun plaids to find 8 different fabrics. Prepwork involved rotary cutting 3 strips of each fabric. Homework after the March meeting was to make Quadrant 1. But I was intrigued by the design and couldn’t rest until the entire quilt top was completed!


I photographed my “Trip” at an old sawmill. A meandering design is quilted in navy thread. It will be a cozy lap quilt for a resident at our local Veterans Administration Hospital.


You can see quadrants and quilts made by the Quilting Circle on Stacy’s blog: quiltiferous.wordpress.com. It is so interesting to see everyone’s color choices! Here is the link to Stacy’s blog. Refer to her April 22, 2013 post.




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