Quilt Seeds

2 05 2013

Are you planting vegetables or flowers this spring? Our backyard is shady around the edges, but our neighbor has a sunny garden spot in which we planted tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, cantelope, bush beans and peppers for a shared garden. So far, so good. We’ve watered a few times and have been thankful for some rainy days.


Rainy spring days are perfect for sewing and quilting, don’t you think? In my April 23, 2013 post I showed the “Trip Around the World” design that our Quilting Circle made.


I have some leftovers, some quilt seeds, for the next project.


It seems a shame to relegate the panel to the scrap bin. I think I could use the squares to make Nine Patches. I will cross-cut at 3 1/2″ intervals, un-sew between some of the blocks, make more plaid strip sets, and rummage through my container of 3 1/2″ squares for those that would blend with this project.

I have watched Bonnie Hunter’s recent Quiltcam sessions on “Dancing Nines” with interest. You can see an archived version of her April 17, 2013 Quiltcam on You Tube. I would like to set my Nine Patches as she has with an “elbow” of light fabric on 2 sides of each Nine Patch. You can view a picture of her quilt here on her April 29, 2013 post.

I’ll show the progress as my quilt seeds sprout and grow!




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