Bible Study Quilt

5 05 2013

In my January 7, 2013 post I showed this quilt made from 2 1/2″ squares. About half the patchwork blocks were made from squares the ladies in my Bible study class selected each week of the fall session.


For the spring semester I spearheaded a similar project for our class. Along with our study of Colossians and Galatians, each class member selected a colorful square and answered a question as an ice-breaker prior to each class. “Which square reminds you of spring? Which fabric reminds you of an Easter dress you once wore? Which square reminds you of home?” Class bonding through fabric!


Each week I sewed the squares the ladies selected into a block. Of course, additional blocks were needed to enlarge the quilt. At our last study time together, we’ll draw a name of those present, and a fortunate lady will take the quilt home!

Each quilt block is made with 6  2 1/2″ squares. After sewing the squares together in two rows of three each,  I sewed 1 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ white strips on opposite sides of the block.


The rows of the quilt were simply made by rotating blocks 90 degrees. This quilt has 9 rows with 7 blocks each.


I considered adding a 2″ white border and 4″ green or blue border, but opted instead for a 4″ white border. A colored border would likely draw the attention to the border itself, whereas a white border would allow the viewer to focus on all the fun fabrics on the interior of the quilt.

“Ups and Downs” blocks increased the width of the backing fabric. These are 6″ leader/ender blocks I make with scraps and stock-pile for just such a use.


What a warm remembrance of our time spent studying the Bible and growing closer as friends!





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