Graduation Gift

13 05 2013

One of the teen girls in our chapel congregation is graduating from high school in June, and I decided to make her a quilted gift.

My favorite small wall quilt design for high school seniors is “Postage Stamp.” I write this on the accompanying card: “This ‘Postage Stamp’ quilt symbolizes all the many-colored friends you have made.  So many people have encouraged you along your life’s journey. In the future, it will require effort to keep in touch with them, but the effort and postage stamps you expend will be so worthwhile.”


To make the 13 1/2″ X 16″ quilt, I rummaged in my container of 1 3/4″ scrappy squares, selecting the bright and interesting. Can you spot Tigger, the green frog, teddy bear, and soccer ball?

There are 9 rows with 7 squares each and a 2 1/2″ wide black border. Construction tip: Press the seam allowances in the odd rows to the right, and press the seam allowances in the even rows to the left. This enables the seam allowances to nest or mesh.


Our graduate plays guitar in the praise band, so I backed the quilt with some musical fabric. I quilted the interior patchwork with a meander design in variegated thread. Loops of variegated thread show up nicely in the black border.




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