“Long May She Wave”

1 07 2013


Several years ago I designed this wall quilt for a company which marketed the kits at Michael’s craft stores. Of course I bought a kit and saved it for posterity (like some people save unopened boxes of football player cards, or other people save dolls in their original boxes, or still others save fat quarter bundles for decorating their sewing rooms).

Anyway, I recently needed a patriotic gift for friends who are moving from Ft. Bragg to Ft. Drumm . . . and I remembered my flag kit. The fabric pieces were already cut the right sizes, and the directions and diagrams were clear. I assembled the quilt before breakfast and quilted it before lunchtime! I quilted stars and loops in the outer border with navy thread. I meandered with light blue thread in the “sky” around the flag. Wiggly lines or loops are quilted in the flag stripes with matching thread. Wiggly horizontal lines fill the navy blue field of stars. I appli-quilted with gold thread around the fused gold stars; i.e. I machine satin-stitched around the stars through all three layers of the quilt.

“Long May She Wave”


Happy Independence Day!




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