The “Bemaw” Quilt

15 07 2013

Beemaw blocks 8

After her grandmother, “Bemaw,” passed away, Trinity inherited a Rubbermaid tub of fabric. Mostly blues and browns with some light 3″ strips. We searched for an easy pattern that would showcase the various prints. “Pandora’s Box” in Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott fit the bill. We enlarged the block size to utilize the 3″ light strips efficiently.

It started with a of 67 stack of these “kits” to make one block each.
Beemaw blocks 1

Power sewing (chain piecing two blocks at a time) and pressing commenced.

Beemaw blocks 2

 After months of sewing, Trinity had a pile of 67 blocks . . .

Beemaw blocks 3

She then trimmed all the blocks to be the same size.

Beemaw blocks 4

Then she sewed 56 of the blocks together in 8 rows of 7 each. . .

Beemaw blocks 5

She added a 2″ dark brown inner border and a Piano Key outer border. . .

Beemaw blocks 6

And finished the corners with small 9 patches!!!

Beemaw blocks 7

The “Bemaw” quilt was quilted on the longarm using the “Modern Squares” pantograph designed by Denise Schillinger and distributed by urban elementz.

Beemaw on machine

Sweet dreams, Trinity!

Bemaw q on the bed

P.S. Trinity cleverly used some of the extra blocks to add interest to the quilt’s back.

Bemaw back




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