Continued, Saw Tooth Star Quilt-A-Long

22 07 2013

This summer the ladies in our Quilting Circle are making wall quilts.


June’s task was constructing the center Saw Tooth Star.


In July, the goal was adding borders. I opted for a border of Flying Geese with Square in a Square corners. As you may have experienced, it is too easy to stretch pieced borders longer than necessary when pressing. My tip for avoiding this is as follows:  Lay the center of the quilt on the ironing board, and lay the pieced border on top of or beside the center of the quilt. Press the pieced border to match the length of the center patchwork. Then pin and sew the border to the quilt.


Now that I have finished adding the pieced border with plans to add an outer border of red print, I feel that there is not enough red in the interior of the quilt. I could remove the center blue and yellow plaid square and change it to something redder. Or I could, perhaps, add a 3-D red flower or two the center square. What would you do?


Stay tuned for my progress on the Summer Quilt-A-Long. In August I will add the outer border, quilt it and bind it.




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