“Ice Cream Sandwiches”

29 07 2013


When you were a child, what was your favorite ice cream treat? At school, after eating my peanut butter sandwich and an apple, I sometimes used my allowance money to buy an ice cream sandwich. Creamy vanilla ice cream between 2 thin chocolate wafers. What a delicious treat! The trick was to eat it quickly enough so that the ice cream didn’t melt and drip on my hands but not so quickly that I got a headache!


“Ice Cream Sandwiches” is a quick and easy quilt project. Designed by Edyta Sitar and featured in her book Scrappy Firework Quilts, the quilt calls for 552  3″ blocks. Several months ago, Kathy and I agreed to swap blocks thus achieving a very scrappy variety for our quilts.

Instead of arranging my blocks in a 23 x 24 grid as Edyta did, I placed them on my design wall in a 15 x 17 grid. Since the blocks were already pieced, I assembled the center of the quilt fairly quickly, pressing the seams toward the blocks with vertical seams.


Tip: Begin sewing rows together from the bottom of the quilt and move upwards. This generates less turning of the patchwork when pressing, pinning, and sewing successive rows.

I added a 6 1/2″ border of cream fabric, giving the viewer’s eyes a place to rest and also providing space for decorative quilting. I used the remainder of the blocks for a pieced border. and I added a green outer border to make the quilt queen size.  Viola! “Ice Cream Sandwiches!”


When you were a child, what was your favorite ice cream treat? How would you depict your favorite ice cream in a quilt?




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