Charity Quilt Kits

10 08 2013

This week I visited my friend Linda for a few days. Linda is the chairperson of the Charity Quilt committee for her guild in Williamsburg, Va. The guild donates over 100 quilts a year to organizations who comfort those in crisis. Linda has discovered that guild members are more willing to participate if they have multiple options for helping to create quilts.


Guild members can donate fabric, donate quilt blocks, piece a quilt, quilt a quilt, and/or bind a quilt. Linda finds or designs simple quilt patterns and makes kits of donated fabrics with the pattern included. The kits are organized in reclosable plastic bags. My “job” this week was helping sort through the projects that guild members have returned to discover if they need sashing and border fabric, backing fabric, or binding. Many projects were re-kitted with further instructions. Some only needed batting and backing; that box is now overflowing.


We also cut some “new” kits. Linda will take 10 or 12 kits to each guild meeting. The members eagerly ask her what new designs she has in her totebag. They are free to look and choose the one that matches their skills, time and interests.


Linda and I enjoyed talking and laughing while we worked in our own “quilt kit factory.”


Completed Charity Quilt




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