Krystine Tries Long-Arming

23 08 2013

About six months ago Granddaughter Krystine began collecting pink and purple 2 1/2″ strips for a Simple Pinwheel quilt. She found some on the “free table” at the Tarheel Quilters guild meeting, and she found even more in my pink and purple stash box. (The instructions for this quilt are found on the “Patterns” page of this blog.) Krystine loves her twin-size quilt! You can see more pictures of her quilt here.


But, as with every quilt project, there were leftover pieces. I encouraged her to cut them in 2 1/2″ segments and make Four Patches. Krystine arranged these into a doll quilt for her American Girl Doll. Don’t you love that dark purple border?

Krystine's doll quilt

Krystine was nervous to try her hand at long-arming, but quilting flowers, loops and doodles on a practice piece first made the experience less nerve racking. “Just do it!” was her motto.

Aren’t the flowers perfect for this little quilt?

Krystine's doll quilt close up

Way to go, Krystine!

Krystine's doll quilt




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