Utilitarian Quilt

5 09 2013

This utilitarian quilt is worn out!


On a recent visit to my grandparent’s country house, mostly shut up for over 10 years, my sister and cousin found this very old crazy quilt in a plastic zippered bag.

My cousin was amazed at the various hand sewn embroidery stitches.


We ascertained that the scraps of men’s suiting, corduroy, wool, polyester double knit, and fancy dress fabrics were machine sewn and hand appliqued onto foundation squares of muslin or shirting. The crazy patched squares were sewn together and backed with a brown and gray striped fabric. There is no batting in the quilt. The backing fabric was turned to the front for binding the quilt’s edges. I suspect that the bright red corduroy and double knit pieces were added more recently to patch the ripped or shattered older fabrics.


We wonder who made the quilt; we don’t remember seeing any of our relatives stitching it. We don’t even remember the quilt being used on a bed. We found one light tan piece of fabric that faded around the initials NLT that were once stitched on it. We don’t remember any relatives with N.L.T. initials. A quilt mystery!

The quilt is so worn and torn, it’s not even useful as a picnic blanket! Any suggestions on what to do with this worn out utilitarian quilt?




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