Saw Tooth Star, Finished!

15 09 2013


In June, our Quilting Circle began a summer wall quilt project, a “Saw Tooth Star” surrounded by borders. You can read about the Quilt-A-Long here and here.

After completing the patchwork, I felt the quilt needed more red in the center. Several of you commented that you also felt something curved and red (perhaps a flower) would help the quilt look more cohesive from the center to the outer red print border.


I appliqued two leaves and constructed three 3-D flowers from circles of fabric. Yellow buttons complete the picture. I machine quilted with yellow thread: long curls in the central star, tight waves in the yellow/blue dot print, loops in the Flying Geese units, continuous curves in the Square in a Square corner squares, and heart shaped leaves and loops in the outer border. The blue and yellow plaid, cut on the diagonal, makes an interesting binding.


I am tickled with my wall quilt which hangs cheerily in my kitchen!

If you “quilted along” and made a variation of this project, please email me a picture to post on this blog.




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