“Fruelingzeit,” Super-Sized

18 09 2013


Isn’t Kim’s quilt elegant?

About a year ago, I posted pictures of “Fruehlingzeit,” a quilt I designed and taught at the craft shop in Stuttgart, Germany in the Spring of 2012. Kim was an avid student in the class.

Pictured is my sample quilt, made from the “Ruby” fabric line for Moda. You can read about my quilt here.



Kim’s idea was to enlarge the quilt to queen size by making multiples of each of the components. She wanted to make a quilt for her sister in black, gold, and cream. Persistance paid off; the quilt is awesome! Isn’t it amazing that choosing different fabrics changes the mood of the design from “fresh country” to “sophisticated elegance?”

Hubby and I think it looks really nice on our sofa!


I used tan thread and quilted a free-hand design in the border. The interior is quilted with stylized leaves.


Congratulations, Kim, for finishing this super-sized quilt!





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