International Block Swap, Finished!

30 09 2013

In the Winter/Spring of 2012, just prior to leaving Stuttgart, I participated in an International Block Swap sponsored by Quilt around the World. The association, based in Muenchen (Munich) solicited interested quilters to make 12 of the same block to swap with other quilters. Several of the ladies in the Black Forest Quilt Guild participated; Elaine persuaded me to join in the fun.


The rules: Make 12 blocks that would finish at 12″ square.

Include red fabric in each block

Use white or off-white as a background color.

Include money for postage

Send the blocks along with 12 postcards from your home area to Quilts Around the World who divided participants into groups of 12 and sent out the packages of blocks and postcards.

Nearly 200 quilters participated. Predictably, most of the quilters in my group were from Germany. But I also received 2 blocks from Spanish quilters and one from Slovakia. Two blocks were made by mother/daughter teams.

DSCN5120 - Copy

The most symbolic block was made by Michaela. Titled “Manifold World” (“vielfaeltige Welt”), the block is composed of 12 stripes for the 12 participants in our group. The colors, white, yellow, red, brown and mixed represent the colors of our skin. Our different characteristics, personalities, and mentalities are represented by 12 different fabric manipulation techniques. The stripes, all woven together symbolize worldwide human interaction.

You might be wondering which block I made . . . mine is not in the quilt. After receiving my package from Quilt around the World, I traded blocks with my friend, Ingrid. Isn’t her “Saw Tooth Star” in country fabrics lovely?


I appliqued a large label which lists all the block makers on the back of the quilt. It is open at the top to form a pocket for all the postcards. The ribbon tie will hold them inside.


I’m so glad I participated in the swap, and I’m so glad my quilt is finally finished!




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