Experiment in Blue

16 10 2013

At the September meeting of the Tarheel Quilters Guild, our president offered us a table full of free fabric obtained from a generous donor. The only stipulation for taking some fabric was that we make a quilt for charity with it.

Since blue is my favorite color, I chose the fabrics below. The print is a wintery scene with bare trees, and the stripe is a poly/cotton twill (shiftier than 100% cotton). I decided to use the stripe as binding fabric.


I wanted to experiment with making a lap quilt using strips of 3 1/2″ wide fabric. I planned for horizontal rows of increasing lengths of rectangles. I wanted 4″ wide white bands between the rows and “teeth” of colored fabric extending into the white bands.


I found 4 blue fabric tonals/prints in my stash to coordinate with the tree print and wondered how many WOF (width of fabric) strips of each fabric I would need to make a lap quilt. The answer for this quilt is “3.”

Am I happy with the results of my experiment? Somewhat. The quilt looks nice, but I wanted the increasing length of rectangles to be more obvious; I suppose my measurement changes were not drastic enough. I would like to experiment again with strips cut 3″ wide. And I think I will also increase the width of the white bands from the top of the quilt to the bottom.

The quilt measures 45″ x 58,” a tad wide for backing with a single width of fabric. I wonder if I use 5 fabrics again and if I cut the strips 3″ wide, will I be able to use a single width of fabric for backing.


Swirly quilting compliments the winter tree print

Back to the “lab” for more experiments!




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