Experiment in Blue #2

17 10 2013

In a previous post, “Experiment in Blue,” I wrote about a quilt made with 3 1/2″ wide blue strips. Not entirely satisfied with the results, I re-made the quilt. I hoped to answer some of the questions that arose from the first experiment.


By cutting the blue strips 3″ wide, I reduced the width of the quilt to 37 1/2.” So the quilt top easily fits on a single width of backing fabric. This answers my backing question. I didn’t change the length of the blue strips, but the length of the quilt is reduced due to the “teeth” being smaller, 54 1/2.” The quilt looks long and skinny to me, a little out of proportion for a lap quilt. Ah, well.


I think the graduated horizontal white bands of the skinny quilt do accentuate the gradual increase in the length of the blue strips. I cut them 3 1/2,” 4 1/2,” and 5 1/2″ for this quilt. But to the casual observer, the blue strips in the bottom two rows look about the same length. If I make the quilt again, I will cut the strips for the fourth (bottom) row 12″ again, but I will cut the strips for the third row 6″ instead of 8.” Perhaps a more drastic difference in measurement will achieve the look I aim for.


A different perspective!

If I make a baby quilt, I might cut the strips 12,” 6,” and 3″ and leave off the fourth row of blue. By having just 3 blue rows, the quilt would be square-ish instead of rectangular.

What do you think? Should I perform another quilt experiment, or move on to different project?




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