Quilt Show in Sanford, NC

21 10 2013

This past weekend the Hearts and Hands quilt guild hosted a quilt show at the Civic Center in Sanford, about an hour from Fayetteville where I live.

The show was well worth the drive!


Isn’t this quilt car fabulous? Guild members contributed their orphan blocks to make this giant slip cover. Can you see the two old lady quilters inside. A doll maker had fun crafting them and giving them personality!


Several of my friends from the Tarheel Quilters Guild in Fayetteville entered quilts in the show . . . and won ribbons. Here is a quilt I had a hand in. I made all the centers of the patchwork stars, and the ladies in the Wednesday night quilting group at Eastover Rec Center took a star kit home to complete.


As you can read on the placard, it is a graduation gift for Geniece’s son, a fire fighter. Geniece is so excited that the quilt won a first place ribbon!


I attended a “quilt turning” in the auditorium. A bed was set up on stage, and about 20 antique quilts were layered on it. The gloved helpers turned the quilts toward the foot of the bed, one by one, as the hostess read a description of the quilt and told about the quilt makers and owners.


I went on stage after the program to photograph some of the quilts. Isn’t this a neat design? As you can see from the picture, it was very closely quilted.


This scrappy utilitarian quilt of Four Patches and alternate squares is made from shirt fabrics. The aged appearance says “comfortable” to me.


This is an interesting star design I had not seen before. I would like to replicate it.


“Hearts and Flowers” is very similar to a quilt my paternal grandmother made for my parents as a wedding gift.

From the quilts hanging in the show, to the well-stocked vendors’ booths, to the quilt turning, and to the conversations with fellow quilt enthusiasts, I spent a wonderful afternoon in Sanford!




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