“Carolina Pine” Wall Banner

23 10 2013

The ladies in our Quilting Circle are interested in a small project that can be completed before Christmas. Karlene, who helps me lead and teach the group, found a lovely star flower table runner idea, and Heather recommended  “The Tallest Tree” wall quilt pattern  (Pieces from My Heart company, designed by Sandy Gervais). We felt that the tree idea would be more do-able in our time frame.

Karlene and I made samples of “The Tallest Tree” . . . and then we bagan modifying the design. After all, what quilter doesn’t tweak a pattern, changing the dimensions or borders or fabrics?


Karlene made a darling wall banner and named it “Carolina Pine.” Since moving here, she is amazed at the forests of tall pines with long trunks and green braches way up high at the tops of the trees. You can read Karlene’s description of the quilt here, and you can find instructions for making the 9″ x 20″ wall banner on both of our Patterns pages. Karlene’s blog is Scrap Muffin Quilts; you will find a link to her blog on the right side of my blog under “Sites of Interest.”

The idea of tall pine trees inspired me to make a table runner of two pines placed tip to tip with a star in the center. The runner measures 15″ x 44,” the perfect size for my kitchen table.

Tree table runner pic

If you make a “Carolina Pine” wall banner or table runner, please send me a picture of your quilt. I’d love to see how you tweak the idea to suit your holiday decorating style!




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