“Lone Star” Quilt Exhibit

27 10 2013


On Saturday Ran and I drove to Columbia, SC to help our grandson celebrate his first birthday. What a joy! After pizza, pumpkin cupcakes, and presents, the birthday boy was ready for a nap. It was then that Heather mentioned the current exhibit of quilts at Richland County’s main library on Assembly Street. Of course, I was excited to make the excursion while Aidan slept!


The exhibition, sponsored by members of the Devine Quilters, hangs in the lower level of the library. I was a member of Devine Quilters ten years ago and gave a lecture and workshop to the group last spring . . . so I recognized some of the names on the identifying placards beside each quilt. I photographed nearly every quilt, but some images are blurry. I will share the clearest images with you.

“The Hunter Awaits” – a lion’s face is quilted in the center of the ring of animal silhouettes.


This quilt made by my friend, Beth, combines an Eight-Pointed Star design with Log Cabins. Awesome color shading is achieved by many thin fabric pieces.


We remarked at the unexpected black and white palette and all the cats! Click on the picture and scroll in to see printed cat fabric in the center of the quilt.


My friend, Joyce quilted several of the quilts in the exhibition and also made this miniature quilt (about 15″ square). We were awed by the pieced border of tiny diamonds.


Helen made this large quilt of gorgeous blues, greens and fuchsias.


Isn’t this a wonderful combination of piecing and applique?


The half star resembles a sunrise to me; I could hang either of these quilts in my kitchen or above a bed as  cheerful wake-up quilts.


What a treat to view such colorful and artistic quilts. I enjoyed my trip to the library even though I didn’t check out a single book!




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