Memory Quilt for Ashley

7 11 2013

Ashley's quilt

Trinity has a very special friend, Jennifer, whose soldier husband was killed in Afghanistan several years ago. Since, Ashley, Jennifer’s daughter, graduated from high school in June, Trinity wanted to give her a very meaningful gift. I suggested making a memory quilt of t-shirts, and Trinity had the idea of including photographs printed on photo-fabric. Here is a picture of the product Trinity recommends (generally sold at JoAnn’s).

Photo fabric

Trinity wrote to Jennifer asking for t-shirts and digital pictures of Ashley and her dad. Jennifer said Ashley loves any and all neon colors as well as zebra and leopard prints. Trinity wondered how she would manage to combine all those preferences, t-shirts, and photos into a cohesive project. Batik to the rescue!

Making a memory quilt is a great way to creatively use t-shirts, but Trinity found it emotionally draining to work with clothing once worn by her own husband’s comrade in arms. In addition, she had to be ultra careful when trimming the shirts because they were irreplaceable.

After the quilt top was completed, Trinity used extra pictures for the back, and I quilted it with gray thread in a meandering design.

Ashley's quilt 1

The quilt was finished well before Ashley’s graduation, but Trinity wanted to give it to her “in person.” So she flew to see Jennifer and Ashley in October, taking the quilt in her carry-on backpack.


An excited Ashley snuggling in her memory quilt




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