A Salute to Our Veterans

Sending out special thoughts of thankfulness to our USA veterans and their families today. Hurrah for the red, white, and blue and the men and women who wear the uniform to keep our country free and safe!


This “Simple Pinwheel” quilt was made by my friend, Stacy. She is an avid supporter of the Quilts of Valor program and has made and presented many quilts to local wounded warriors. I often help our local QOV chapter by quilting the quilt tops others make.

For this patriotic quilt, I chose an all-over spiral quilting design. I wanted to present the illusion that the Pinwheels are spinning.


Did you notice that Stacy used a light red/white print as well as many bold red, gold, and blue prints in the quilt? From a distance, your eyes perceive gaps in the pattern. You wonder why there are Pinwheels missing, so you step closer and realize that the Pinwheels are there. The “missing” Pinwheels are a light print against the white background. Perhaps this can symbolize the veterans who have passed on . . . we miss them in our rank and file, but their contributions were significant, helping to define the overall pattern of the fabric of our country.


Veterans, thank you for your service!

Directions for “Simple Pinwheel” are found on the Patterns page of this blog. Read Stacy’s story behind this quilt on her blog quiltiferous.wordpress.com

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