“Triangles Among Friends”

15 11 2013

Just look what you can make with 2″ Half Square Triangles (HSTs)!


I recently quilted this quilt for my friend, Judy. She and a group of quilting friends exchanged 2 1/2″ HSTs with the idea of making this quilt designed by Edyta Sitar. (Edyta featured “Medallion Quilt” on the cover of her book Friendship Triangles.) The participants agreed to use rich colors of the Civil War reproduction palette.


But look closely and you will find some “zingers” that are definitely not CW repro. However, that hot pink with black dots adds sparkle to the quilt, don’t you think?


Notice Judy’s strategic placement of red/tan HSTs. They form a band of color as your eye moves from the center of the quilt outward. The triangles in the outermost row are dark brown . . . borders that aren’t borders lends some organization to this quilt.


I chose the “Lorien’s Splendor” pantograph quilting design because I wanted something interesting and classy in the wide brown outer border. The stitching also creates texture and eases in the bias of the interior of the quilt. I seleted a tan thread to show up against the dark brown border yet blend in with the thousands of colorful triangles.


What a lovely and ingenius way to utlize HSTs!




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