“Love Shack” Twin Quilts

18 11 2013


This fun, scrappy quilt was designed and taught by Bonnie K. Hunter in Stuttgart, Germany in February 2011.

As program chair for the Black Forest Quilters, I invited Bonnie to lecture and present workshops to our group. I asked if she could combine her “Happy, Scrappy Houses” with some improvisationally pieced letters popularized by Tonya Ricucci in her book Picture Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter. I thought “Welcome” would be a great word for a house-themed wall quilt. But Bonnie countered with “Love” since all the basic techniques for making improv letters could be taught with “Love.” (Besides, “Welcome” would be a very long word for a small wall quilt.) Bonnie named the newly designed workshop quilt “Love Shack” after a rock song popular in the late 80s.


My friend, Kathy, recently finished her “Love Shack” quilt and asked me to quilt it. Meandering with loops seemed to fit the bill for her quilt. I did jazz it up a little by using a new polyester thread, Magnifico “Honey.” Kathy’s quilt contains shirt scraps from her now deceased father-in-law, so this is a memory quilt for her family.


This weekend, our “love shack” got new shingles.


The six workmen were amazingly fast. They began at 8 a.m. removing the old shingles and tar paper. After lunch they nailgunned the new shingles in place. They were finished by 5 p.m.


They were also amazingly LOUD. Can you imagine elephants tromping overhead while you are attempting to calmly sew in your studio? I had to quilt with my longarm to drown out the roofing sounds! Noise and all, I am so thankful for these guys who risked life and limb to reshingle our roof so I can be cozy inside constructing houses and roofs of the textile sort.




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