“Wedge Tree” Table Runner

Have you leafed through a copy of Fons and Porter’s Quilting Quickly Winter 2013 magazine? Click here to see the magazine cover. The issue contains 20 quick and fun projects, and most are suitable for December sewing and gifting. The magazine features designs using fabric pre-cuts from Missouri Star Quilt Company. By the way, Missouri Star Quilt Company has lots of quilting how-to videos on You Tube.

Although I love the “Disappearing Four Patch” quilt on the cover (probably because scrap quilts appeal to me), the project that caught my eye was the “Wedge Tree” table runner.


This has got to be the all-time quickest Christmas table runner ever! I thought about using only green prints, one dark and one medium.


But then I realized that the runner would look lop-sided with a dark side and a light side. So I think the designer, Jenny Doan, was wise to choose two contrasting fabrics of the same value. Jenny’s tree tips are 45 degree angles. But since I have a 60-60-60 degree triangle ruler, I modified the pattern for easier rotary cutting.

From both a green print and a red print I cut one 6 1/2″ x 40″ strip. I used my 60-60-60 triangle ruler to cut the wedges. This yielded enough wedges for 2 table runners.

Instead of piecing the tree trunks to the white background strips, I pressed 1/4″ seam allowance to the wrong side of the 2″ gold strips (for trunks). I cut them in 3″ lengths, centered and pinned them to the bottoms of the trees. Then I pinned and sewed 3″ strips of white fabric to the sides of the table runner.


I pressed the white strips as well as the tree trunks outward. I hand appliqued the tree trunks in place with gold thread. (Hand appliqueing was the most time consuming step in this project.)


The runner is quilted with an old gold polyester thread in a stars and loops design. (Click on the picture above to see the quilting more clearly.) Viola! a perfect holiday hostess gift!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Loving Stitches quilt shop had a sale on holiday fabric. I bought two prints from Nancy Halversen’s line “Nancy’s Holiday Favorites.” Won’t they make fun trees for this “Wedge Tree” design?


Now . . . let me look through that magazine again. I am sure I will find another fun project to quilt quickly!

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