“Celtic Solstice” Mystery Clue #2

11 12 2013

Are you quilting along on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery, “Cletic Solstice”?

Clue #2 which posted on Friday instructed participants to make 3 1/2″ chevrons with green, yellow and neutral fabric. You can see everyone’s progress here on Bonnie’s blog.


My tip for marking the sewing line on the wrong sides of the white and yellow squares is demonstrated in the photo below.


Place your fabric wrong side up on the rotary cutting mat. After rotary cutting strips and sub-cutting into squares (before moving the squares) mark diagonal lines on the squares. Notice most lines are long, traversing several blocks. This saves time!


I’m sewing the halves of the chevrons together as “leaders and enders” between other patchwork projects (like the “Wedge Tree” table runner in my previous post).

Guessing – Wouldn’t these chevrons make a nice border for the quilt? Bonnie says the (smaller) quilt is 77″ square. We had to make 100 chevrons. 100 divided by 4 borders leaves 25 chevrons per side, times 3″ per chevron equals 75.” Maybe there is a 1″ spacer border before the outer border of chevrons???? Just guessing . . . trying to figure out the mystery!

Waiting with bated breath for Clue #3!




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