“Wedge Tree” Table Runner #2

11 12 2013

Regarding my last blog post, “Wedge Tree” Table Runner, my daughter Trinity commented that the runner would look better if the trees on the ends were complete rather than cut in half. What do you think?


Rising to the challenge, I cut red and green print triangles from the Nancy Halverson holiday fabric recently purchased at Loving Stitches quilt shop.


I used a larger 60-60-60 degree triangle since the prints were larger than in my first pair of table runners.

Hmmmm! How could I finish the line of trees without cutting any in half? The triangles have to end somewhere! What if I cut white trapezoids to serve both as background for the trees on the ends as well as the borders for the ends of the runners.


The trickiest part was figuring out how long to cut the white border strips between the tree trunks. Trial and error as well as “reverse sewing” were involved. Hopefully, the second runner will come together even more quickly now that I have figured out the correct length of the strips.


What is your opinion about “Wedge Tree” Table Runner #2? Is there something you would modify to make the design more pleasing?




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