Bible Study Quilt #3

13 12 2013


This fall I was a group leader in a Bible study of the book of Luke (with Protestant Women of the Chapel). Each week I proposed an ice breaker question for our group of 20+ ladies. I asked them to each select a 3″ square of fabric that related to their answer of the question. For example, I asked “Was your Thanksgiving ‘same old, same old’? Did everything go as planned, or did something different or unexpected happen?” I drew a parallel to Christ’s resurrection (in Luke 24). All of the people who watched Jesus die on Friday expected Him to stay dead . . . but something unexpected happened . . . His miraculous resurrection on Sunday morning. Granted, none of us in class witnessed a resurrection over Thanksgiving, but for most of us the holiday did not exactly play out as we planned.

Each week, after everyone had a chance to share her answer to the question, I collected the squares and sewed them into “Shaded Nine Patch” blocks.  Most of the squares that I took to class were dark or bright prints and tonals. When assembling the blocks, I added light tonals and prints from my container of 3″ squares. I used the same red tonal for the center squares of all the blocks.


The quilt is composed of 64 blocks arranged in an 8 x 8 grid.

I experimented with several layout options. Four blocks could be sewn toether with the darks toward the center.


A “Streak of Lightnening” setting is achieved by zigzagging the darks and lights.


By rotating four blocks around a center point, I could make a “Pinwheel.”


In the end, I settled on the “Hanging Diamond” setting. The over-all dramatic effect is fantastic!


In stitching the blocks together, I did not arrive at a fool proof method for pressing the seams so that one block would mesh with another at the junctions of seam allowances. Many of the seam allowances were pressed the same way as one block joined another, but fortunately my longarm machine could handle the extra thickness.

I selected a yellow thread since it would blend better over all than either a stark white or dark red. The quilting design is spirals and meanderings. I bound the quilt with a Kona solid navy fabric.

Isn’t the heart-y label on the back perfect?


In determining a winner for the quilt, the number of chances was determined by attendance. In other words, for each class a participant attended this past semester, she received a ticket. If she attended 10 of the 12 classes, she wrote her name on 10 tickets. All the tickets from all the participants were placed in “the hat,” and one ticket was drawn for the lucky winner.

And the winner was . . . Jean!


Here we are, holding the quilt together .


You can read about two other Bible study quilts I made here.




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