“Wedge Tree” Table Runner, Finished

20 12 2013

Thanks to all who commented on the “Wedge Tree” Table Runner #2 post. As you can see, I took Beth’s advice and added some yellow-gold stars on the ends of the runner to de-emphasize the parallologram shape of the tescellating trees. Following the age old design advice of utilizing an odd (rather than an even) number of objects, I appli-quilted three stars to fill the white background spaces.


Are you wondering what “appli-quilted” means? Simply put, it is machine appliqueing and quilting at the same time. I used Steam-A-Seam to apply the stars to the quilt top. Then I sandwiched the top with batting and backing, pinning through all layers. I set my sewing machine for a close, fairly wide satin stitch, and with gold thread stitched through all 3 layers. This makes the stars slightly puffy and alleviates the need for quilting through the stars.

Making the table runner and sharing the creating process with you on this blog, has caused me to think about the “design process.” Creating a quilt IS a process! First, I saw a picture of a tree quilt in a magazine. “Oh, I like that idea; I could make that!” BUT I wanted to change the shape of the triangles. The second step for my quilt, then, was modification. After making 2 table runners with my smaller triangle ruler, I decided to increase the size and per Trinity’s suggestion, delete the half trees at the ends of the line of trees. (More modification!) Then I asked for advice and input from other designers (you!). That is “collaboration” in the design process. I thought about each of your ideas and visualized how your suggestions would look. I settled on Beth’s suggestion and took action, sewing the stars on my runner.

None of us designs in a vacuum. We all take clues from quilt blocks or designs, objects, pictures, nature, colors, and advice from fellow artists. Thanks for your help in re-designing the “Wedge Tree” Table Runner. And I wish you many happy and stimulating hours of designing your quilts in the coming year!




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