“Beautiful Star of Bethlehem”

22 12 2013

Since moving to Fayetteville, I have enjoyed listening to Southern Gospel music (on WGQR 105.7). A song the DJs have frequently aired in December is “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.”  Click here to hear it sung by the Oakridge Boys on YouTube.


I designed this star quilt recently, using 1 yard each of pink print and blue print and a little more of white solid fabric for the top. Admittedly, this quilt design is akin to a “Saw Tooth Star,” not the traditional “Star of Bethlehem” design. But I wanted to send a quilty Christmas card to you, my blog readers. And Stars seem to fit the bill.


Here’s my grandson posing with the quilt – he’s claiming the blue squares and ignoring the pink squares.


By viewing a close-up of the quilting design you can see that I used a variegated pink thread throughout. Doesn’t the border design look like snails . . . or spiraling galaxies? You will find my Layer, Cut, Swap and Sew directions for making this quilt on the Patterns page of this blog.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas as we remember the Savior whose birth was heralded by the Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.




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