“Celtic Solstice” Clue #5

1 01 2014

So far, so good. I’m keeping up with Bonnie Hunter’s clues for “Celtic Solstice.” Clue #5 utilized the orange/yellow HSTs from Clue #3 to make 100 units pictured below.


I followed Bonnie’s advice about only finger pressing the small white triangles sewn on either side of the orange/yellow HSTs. This saved time and insured that the bias edges were not steamed out of shape. However, I did use my  iron to press the units once the large blue triangle was added.

Here’s a tip for pressing HST units:  Begin at the edge of the ironing board closest to you. Place the darkest (blue) color of the HST uppermost. First, press flat to relax the fibers; pressing also helps the HST to “stick” slightly to the ironing board. Then flip the blue triangle upward and press; the seam allowance will be pressed toward the blue triangle. Place the next HST on top of the pressed HST; shingle it slightly higher so the seam allowances are not on top of each other. Press the second HST. Continue shingling and pressing toward the opposite side of the ironing board. After the HSTs cool a bit, pick up about 3 at a time and trim off the tiny extra triangles at the ends of the seams.


I wonder if we will use these units to make a border for our quilt. If so, I have two suggestions.


On the other hand, the units could be combined to make patchwork blocks like this . . .


. . . or like this . . .


. . . or like this.


Stay tuned, the mystery reveal is just around the corner! I can hardly wait to see Bonnie’s design!

You can see the progress of other mystery participants on Bonnie’s blog post for Dec. 30.




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