Exploring Mount Airy, NC

11 01 2014

One of Mount Airy’s claims to fame is being the home town of Andy Griffith (star of the Mayberry sitcom popular when I was a child). The town planners have used the TV show as a theme for revitalizing downtown.

Mt Airy collage of photos

It was fun to peek in the cafes and ice cream parlors and to explore the antique mall where I found a few quilts to share with you. Most darling was the tiny yo-yo quilt-let draped over a child’s rocking chair. The fabrics were 1030s, and the yo-yos were no bigger than a dime.

mt Airy r chair and mini yo yo q

One quilt, made of work clothing scraps, soft with age, caught my attention. At first glance, I thought the pieces had been cut as rectangles and squares. I thought they warped to curves with usage and multiple washing. But closer inspection revealed that the rectangles were actually curved pieces. The quiltmaker worked hard to make this utilitarian quilt something to talk about!

Mt Airy quilt

If you travel to Mount Airy, be sure to look in the fabric shop and the Bernina sewing machine store . . . or maybe you’d like a guided tour in the horse drawn wagon.




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