“Charmville” QAL #2

13 01 2014

Excitement is mounting . . . quilters are making the Nine Patches needed for “Charmville,” my quilt featured in the 2014 Feb./Mar. issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts.

Cover-QQ Feb March

Let’s talk about the “windows,” the center square in each Nine Patch. All of the center squares are yellow or gold prints or tone-on-tones. I selected yellow for the windows because it contrasts with all the surrounding colors. It symbolizes the glowing, vibrant life within each house. Houses themselves are dull without the family life they symbolize. My working title for this quilt was “Windows,” but I gave McCall’s Quilting editors the option of changing the name. And I think “Charmville” is just as charming!

To analyze the yellows and golds I used, you can see brights, florals, 30’s repro and Civil War repro. The most interesting, I think, is the gold and brown print in the blue house in the upper right corner that looks like a window shade. It is a scrap acquired from a Kenyan dress maker! (Hubby and I went to Nairobi on a mission trip in October 2011.)


Another significant house is made of orange scraps. My friend, Tina, who adores orange, lives there. And the window is a yellow floral acquired from Birgit’s shop in Schoenaich, Germany. The roof fabric was purchased at the Patch Multi-Crafts Center where Tina and I volunteered/worked.


Exploring some options for your windows . . . what if you used some fabric with people’s faces or a dog or cat? What if you made some of the houses with doors instead of windows? What if you embellished the windows with lace curtains or embroidered flowers?

Leave a comment below with your ideas for personalizing the windows . . . or doors.

Addition:  Stephanie used a cat fabric in the “door” of a house. How purrr-fect!

Cat door, charmville




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